Friday, September 9, 2011

Some More Blogs to Visit

Jocelyn Rish
Writes short stories, novels, and screenplays!  Her website is titled Jocelyn Rish: Exploring the Magic of stories.  And unlike me, she actually writes!  Check out her blog post on the same 200 word campaigner challenge that I've entered.  Hers is quite a twist ending.  (all I can say without giving it away).  Also her photos of the dogs having a party is quite cute!

Doreen McGettigan
Has a book coming out in November.  It is called BRISTOL boYZ STOMP. It is the true story of the murder of her younger brother in 1999, a victim of road rage.  I'm sure I'm not doing the book justice here.  Check out the description here:

Sounds She's got two more books coming out after that, and she is also a fellow "campaigner" check out her entry for the 'door swung shut' contest and the rest of her blog.  Interesting stuff:

has a blog called "Out On A Limb, A Shy Writer Goes Social" Cute title.  Like me, reviews books that are YA, and MG.  Sounds like she has a daughter that is this age and her daughter also has a blog.  Anyway, she is also part of the "campaign" although I'm not sure she did the 200 word writing challenge.  She's got a professional website also, but I'm thinking I'm getting a bit overwhelmed just looking at everyone's blog so I'm going to stop with just her blog.  Check it out at:


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Fairview! I was pretty sure I'd read your 200 word story, but I've read so many I wasn't positive, so I was popping by to double check. And as I was scrolling down the page, my name jumped out at me. So sweet of you to mention my blog!

  2. You are welcome. Your 200 word story is really good!