Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Santiago de Compostela (or things happen in threes)

One of the folks in my writers group started it.  She came in with this story of a family making a pilgrimage of about 500 miles to Santiago de Compostela.  Saint James the Apostle is said to be buried here.  For centuries, pilgrims have been making this journey on foot from Saint Jean Pied de Port in France to the northwest region of Spain.  Pilgrims walk all day, and take rest in hostels set up along the way.  They make friends, they contemplate, but mainly, they walk.

Her work is educational in nature so I learned alot about the trail and the various stops along the way.  She told me she's going to go on the pilgrimage (again) to make sure all her facts are correct.  That is dedication!

Then the other day, I happen to be watching Rick Steve's Europe and he dedicated a entire episode to the pilgrimage route.  I guess the running of the bulls of Pamplona is along the route if you go in July. 

Finally, I was trolling for movies one weekend and I came across a movie called "The Way" written by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen.  And it just happened to be about (drum roll) the pilgrimage Camino del Compostela.

Is the universe trying to tell me something?  Like maybe I need to go on this pilgrimage?  Or maybe I just need to see this movie?  Hmm, I just think it is funny how something so random comes up three times in the space of a few weeks. 


  1. Hello, Fairview
    In Japan also, there are a lot of pilgrimage routes. Along every route pilgrims visit temples one by one. Thirty three temples or eighty eight temples.
    Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it is an oracle. How exciting it is to think about which!

  2. That is crazy! Now I'm going to see if I can't find that Rick Steve's Europe episode and the Martin Sheen movie. Sounds interesting!

  3. That is such an interesting coincidence.