Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Blogs To Visit

More nice people stopping by so I figured I'd give you the lowdown on their blogs.  Very interesting - you should visit them:

Sharon Henning
Sharon writes about daily life, books, politics with a Christian outlook of the world.  She has an interesting background of having lived on every continent in the world (due to parents being in the military) has a degree from the Conservatory of Music in Chicago and has learned various folk instruments due to teaching music in public schools.  Her recent review of "The Vengeance Squad" has me wanting to get that book!  Please visit her at

Sarah's Book Shelves
Sarah's blog is mostly reviews covering the paranormal, suspense, mystery, young adult, and romance genres.  A nice site to visit to save yourself from buying a book that isn't any good.  Although, her most recent post is about helping out the town of Upper Jay NY, which was ravaged by Hurricane Irene.  The library there lost all it's children's books because they were on the lower shelves (easier for kids to reach).  A noble cause.  Please visit:

Crazy Fox
Is a newly published author of the book "Confessions Of A Crazy Fox" which is an autobiographical memoir (is there such a thing as a non-autobiographical memoir?) of Texas in the '50's to the present.  Her latest post is hilarious and yet kind of scary at the same time about a follower of hers who decided not to follow her anymore.  Anyway, check out her site:

Existential Ennui
Louis XIV (the sun king) writes a blog about books, book collecting and comics!  All things I am into.  Although, probably not with as much depth or as seriously as he is.  He seems to like the spy thriller kind of novel.  Espionage, suspense, that kind of thing.  Anyway his series on Gavin Lyall is fascinating.  Especially his amateur (?) detective work in trying to figure out who the person to whom one of his Gavin Lyall books is dedicated is? (does that make sense as a sentence? Hello, grammar police.)  Nice photos too.
Anyway, check out:

Amy Neftzger
Amy has a masters degree in industrial/organizational psychology and is a published author in fiction as well as non-fiction/business.  Her writing style (according to some website she tried out) is like Vladimir Nabokov and Kurt Vonnegut.  Her post entitled "Imaginary Numbers" where she defines some words she made up is hilarious.  I hope to win a giggleplex sometime as that is my retirement plan!  Please visit:

WB Terrien
Wendy writes children and adult fiction as well as essays and articles.  Looks like she just started blogging in April but plenty of nice, well written posts.  Also, her blog is very professional looking.  Could learn a thing or two from her.  Please visit:

Tia Bach
Writes a blog along with her mother, Angela.  They've written a book together "Depression Cookies" which is also the title of their blog.  It is the story of 13-year-old Krista and coming of age; told through the POV of her mother Abby and through Krista's eyes.  Please go to their website to read more about it and find out how to purchase:

Whew!  I'd tell you about Todney's blog but I can't see that he has one.  Thanks for following me, all the same! 

Anyway, the platform campaigner's thing is supposed to start tomorrow, so I'll probably be posting some stuff related to that soon. 


  1. You are too kind. Thanks for the referral to my blog!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the story of the weird man. I got a lot of comments about it. Today I took on some self indulgent politicians who riled me up again. I do appreicate your interest.
    Anna Mullins