Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lake Tahoe Vikingsholm Castle

On day three of our vacation we went to see Vikingsholm Castle which is an old mansion on the shores of Emerald Bay.  This photo is of the little teahouse on the island in front of the castle.  This is taken from the road above.  Once again, we had to walk down to the shoreline which was not a problem.  But getting back up took three times as long.  It wasn't as bad as the previous day's hike because the path zig-zagged so the gradient/slope wasn't as bad. 

The castle looks really impressive from above, but when you get to it, it was much smaller than I'd imagined.  My architecture buddy was taking a gazillion photos so I kind of undercompensated by not taking any of the house.  They're kind of boring to look at anyway.  Let's just say the owner was very wealthy.

Here's that same island from the shoreline, to show you I did go all the way to the bottom and then made it all the way back up again!

The wealthy lady who lived here had her own fleet of boats and chauffers to take her around.  No hiking for her. 

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