Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lake Tahoe Day 2 - Donner State Park

Here is where we stayed.  Really cute.  They allow pets.  Get a parlor suite.  They have full kitchens, jacuzzi tubs, HD TVs and DVD players (2 - a set in the bedroom, a set in the living room). And pillow top mattresses.  Nice!  And the pricing is good.  Even when all the other places had vacancies, this place was booked solid. 

Walking distance to the mall, movie theater, and grocery store.  And private beach.  Yup, you get access to a private beach. 

There were those in my group that have a fascination with all things morbid and gross.  You would think with an abundance of beautiful scenery and water sports, we'd do that the first day.  But no, we had to drive up to Truckee, CA (north shore of the Lake) to visit the Donner State Park.  Yes, the infamous Donner party who got caught up in snow storm trying to cross the sierra nevada October 31st - Nov. 2. (they took a supposed 'short-cut').  The Donner party that ended up becoming cannibals in order to survive.  Yeah, that Donner Party...

There wasn't much to see.  There was construction going on.  This is a monument to the ill-fated party.  The top of the statue is how high the snow drifts were (22 feet!)

There was also a short film that ran.  The moral of the story according to a survivor? "Never take no cut-offs and hurry along as fast as you can".

According to Virginia Reed, they got so hungry, they ate their pet dog.  Lived off of 'Little Cash' for a week (ate the fur, the bones, everything.).  They ate the hide of the oxen that died.  The Reed family survived without having to eat their neighbors.  But others 'et each other.

For some of the people I was traveling with, this was the highlight of the trip.  Go figure...

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