Thursday, September 29, 2011

Firelight - Review

I finished this book this morningI describe it below but Firelight is about a girl, Jacinda, who is a Draki - a Dragon.   These dragons have the power to switch to human form.  Anyway, Jacinda is a very unusual dragon because she's a fire-breather.  There hasn't been  a fire-breather in her "pride" in several hundred years.  So there are those that want her to mate with the Alpha Male's son, Cassian, so they can have lots more little baby firebreathers.  They also want to 'clip her wings' because Jacinda is a little rebellious.

Jacinda's Mom and Twin sister, Tamra, escape into hiding with Jacinda,into the human world.  There, Jacinda meets gorgeous human boy Will.

One thing for sure, the author really knows how to write a smoldering hot kissing scene.  And there are lots of them!  And the plot was not predictable... well okay, you know where it is going overall, but the little twists were very interesting and unexpected.  The universe that the author created was unique - it isn't another vampire or zombie or werewolf book.

The Jacinda character did seem a little whiny to me, but if I had to go into hiding, I think maybe I'd be a lot crankier than she is.
And the whole trilogy thing - I don't like it when there isn't an ending.  And this one leaves you hanging.   Luckily, the second book in the series is already out, but you know that one is going to leave you unsatisfied as well, since it is the dreaded middle book.

Still, I give it five stars  = I liked it and recommend it.


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