Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fairview Joins The 20th Century

Fairview is finally getting a DVR and joining the 20th Century. Yeah, and as in all things, she thinks it is a conspiracy theory.  The cable company did a massive outage in the area and when the cable came back on line, one of her cable boxes worked, one didn't.  Fairview called for two days in a row.  First day, she was told all she had to do was re-boot the box.  She did that.  Didn't work.  Second day, she was told to "press two" on her phone to re-authorize the box.  She did that, didn't work.

So finally, on the third day, she was allowed access to an actual live person in technical support who told her to do all the same things.  She did as she was told as it was easier than arguing with said live human being.  When none of the things she did the two days prior worked, she was told to bring in her cable box and switch it out for a new one.  And then "Oh, by the way, we noticed you don't have a DVR?  How about you get a DVR instead.  Then you will be able to pay us even more money than you already do.  Oh and how about you switch your phone and internet to us as well?"

Seeing as how Fairview is the only person she knows who doesn't have a DVR, she reluctantly agreed to the DVR.  Now she has to drive to the cable company to return her "suddenly" disabled box and the pleasure of picking up and installing a  DVR herself so she can pay cable company more money to join the 20th century.

Next up, Fairview will learn to Twitter so she can join the 21st century...


  1. Thank you for your kind comment.

    Oh, poor Fairview! It took three days to access to an actual live person. I also think it is a conspiracy theory. I'm not a native, so if I misunderstood your story, please pardon me.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Fairview makes me laugh. :-)

    I don't have a DVR either, which is especially weird considering the obscene amount of television I watch. Shhh, don't tell anyway, but I use three VCRs to keep up with my hectic TV schedule.