Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogs I've visited

I have some really nice folks joining my blog (thanks to the campaign thing I've joined) and so I figured I'd scout and tell you a little about each.  They are all writers of Young Adult (YA), readers of YA, or both and bloggers to boot because that is what I am
(besides the dining reviews, book reviews, movie reviews and the random photos of cats).
K.T. Hanna has a blog called "The Scribble Muse".  She writes Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Speculative (I'm not sure what that is?) and Horror. And her posts that I read dealt with the things that are common to most of us writers: productivity, procrastination, trying to write three books at once (hello!), gathering rosebuds while ye may (paraphrasing).  She makes valid points.  Visit her blog:  She says she's an amateur photographer as well.

Sheri L. Swift writes a blog called 'Finding Joy In The Journey'.  She's got a book (self?)-published entitled "Legend of the Mer", which she wrote in Junior High!  She is an inspirational writer and leads the Prayer Ministry for her church, the Blue Ridge Fellowship.  She's a mother of five and mother-in-law to five and grandmother of eight!  and a cancer survivor!  Visit her at

F.E. Sewell has a blog of the same name.  He/She is also a graphic designer.  So F.E. has a unique perspective on things.  Like different colors represent different emotions and stages of life in his/her eyes.
There's a lot of pictures and drawings in this blog. The post about Zombies is cute.   Oh and his/her header is really cool.  No istock illustration here.  Visit

Jessica Therrien writes a blog called 'Imagination to Publication'.  First off, the blog is beautiful (at least to me).  She's 25, and will be published in 2012!! Her paranormal book is called 'The Descendants', and is being compared to The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, and The Mortal Instruments series (all my favorites).  Visit her blog to read more about this: 

Okay, I'm feeling like a  total under-achiever /low life so I'm stopping here before I get more depressed. 


  1. Noooo, don't get depressed *gives you cookies*

    Cookies make everything better. Besides that's what this campaign is for - to get to know more writers, to help out, learn and push ourselves towards publication just that bit harder.

    Thank you so much for the shout out. I'm really looking forward to this campaign - the start has been fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the recs. And hello from the Campaign! :)