Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where She Went

This is the sequel to "If I Stay".  I read that too.  I think my biggest comment was that it wasn't really a teen book. 

I feel the same way about the sequel.  It is more of an adult voice than a teen one.

In "If I stay" we get the POV of Mia, a concert-level cellist who has just been in a horrific auto accident that killed her parents and her little brother.  Throughout the novel, her decision is whether she will fight to live or decide to pass on to the hereafter.  It is only the love of her boyfriend, Adam that pulls her through.

In this novel, the POV is Adam's.  After a miraculous recovery, five months later, Mia picks up and goes to attend Julliard, without a backwards glance for Adam.

Devastated, Adam becomes a big rock star.  Mia becomes a concert cellists.  Their paths cross one night in NYC and they hash it out.

IDK, didn't really care for it.  Too much talking, too much analyzing of emotions.  Not enough action for my taste.  Not that it wasn't extremely well written.  It is.  Just not my taste, and not the kind of angst that I want in my teen reads.

My rating:  * * (two stars)

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