Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things that make me say "Aaugh!" (My weekend)

Spent the weekend playing games.  Seriously.  What a total waste of time. But so addicting...
Have you played these? 

This one is "Puppet" something or other.  Maybe Puppet Town?  Anyway, a child is stolen away by a town populated by puppets. Like creepy puppets.

Like the little puzzles you have to solve to find the kid.

So then I played this one.  It is called "Dark Tales."  The first game was called "Murder On the Rue Morgue" or something.  You have to solve a murder.  I'm not giving away the ending but it was pretty hilarious. 

Then there was a part two that had something to do with a black cat.  That was entertaining as well.

Yup, played both of 'em.

Finally, I'm halfway through this one.  "Mystery Trackers Raincliff".  This one reminds me of the Mystery Case File series (the hard ones)  Although, these aren't very hard.

So 3.5 puzzles in 2 days.  Aaugh!  What a time-waster.  I need to stop. 

I had writer's group tonight.  We were down one so it went quick.

I finally decided on a name for my main character.  I called her Alice to start but that reminded me too much of Alice from Twilight.  Then I named her Mia but that was too close to Mel, who is the main character from my first book.  Then I named her Hope but I hated that name.  Plus I have another character whose name is Will and somebody said both are verbs, one syllabul.  So out went Hope.

Finally, I decided on Olivia.  Liv or Livvy.  So today Critique partner says "I sounds too much like liver."  Aaugh!  I'm not changing it again.

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