Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Is Hell

I borrowed this from the library.  Does anybody go to the library anymore?  Anyway, each of the stories is quite good.  I recommend it.  Each story had a supernatural element to it.

Melissa Marr's was one of the weaker ones in my opinion.  But her story was last, which probably means she's the biggest name.  Her story was about a gal and a Selchie.  Something to do with a man who is also a seal.  The seal sheds his pelt and becomes human.  The girl who keeps his pelt controls him.

Anyway, the love aspect was kind of weak, which is why this was not my favorite.

Scott Westerfeld (The Uglies, the Pretties) wrote a story about two kids in the future where there is no disease.  Everything is controlled by their 'bioframe'.  So they have to take this class in high school called 'Scarcity' where they experience what it was like to have disease and such.  One boy decides to try sleep.  And the girl decides to try puberty!  lol  This was probably my favorite.

Justine Larbalestier writes about a young girl living in a community that reminded me of the Amish who falls in love with a boy who is a foundling.  He's constantly shunned because of his green eyes and musical talent.  The townfolk think he is fae (fairy-folk, not gay, people)...  Liked this story too.

Larie Faria Stolarz writes about a teen boy ghost which haunts the room of a girl in high school.  This was quite cute.  It did remind me of the "Ghost Whisperer" tv show with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The last story by Gabrielle Zevin, I couldn't remember... mainly because it was kind of been there, done that.  I knew the ending after reading the first page or so.  It was a tidy ending, but not a happy one.  So I kind of liked this one the least... But still, read it all the way to the end.

 But this book of stories is definitely worth your time.

My rating: * * * * (4 stars)

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