Monday, July 11, 2011

Writing Schedule

I'm a really boring person.  I can never come up with anything that I did over the weekend or what I've been up to, and I almost never have anything to say on Facebook.  So I decided to show you what I do everyday, when I say "I'm writing".  I have two books I'm writing and a third one I'm editing.  I also have a bunch of commitments to critique people's stuff (so they critique mine).

Three Fairview books:

Mel - I've finished this one and am editing.  That is why I'm up to 10 pages a day when I work on Mel stuff.  Mel is short for Melody the trials and tribulations of a piano-playing junior and her friends Gina, Kyle, and Spence.

Jane - about 5 chapters in.  Jane and her best friend Schroeder happen upon a mysterious boy who is on the run.  From what?

Hope - about 3 chapters in.  Hope and Schroeder spend their last summer before college interning at the local paper.  It is called... wait for it... "The View From Fairview".  he he, a little cross promotion.

So it is crazy busy trying to switch between all the characters and voices and such.  I finally decided to keep on the same characters per week.

TOWGIT:  The Only Writing Group In Town.  ten people.  Each week 2 people submit 15 pages each and we go over it in excruciating detail.  So I have 30 pages a week to critique.  Trouble is, the deadline to submit is midnight on a sunday so I have to critique it during the work week.  I'm doing Jane book with them.

SCBWI: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators:  Meet once every 2 weeks.  We do on-the spot critiques but everybody brings pages every meeting.  I'm doing Jane there too.

SGVNWG: San Gabriel Valley Novel Writing Group:  We meet once a month and do 30 pages.  Trouble is, one person is in both the TOWGIT and this group and I promised I wouldn't do the same book in both groups so I started writing the Hope book here.

IHOP group:  Really, this is an intensive YA group but we meet at IHOP so I call it the IHOP group.  Going for the funnel cakes this Saturday!  Anyway, I do 10 pgs here and the leader really wants me to focus on getting Mel book out and published so I'm working on Mel here.

CP#1:  Critique partner page exchange.  50 pages once a month.  Working on Mel here too.

 So when I say I'm writing, I'm actually doing all the above. But I am starting to think some of this is too much.  This is about the second month into the schedule and it is getting a bit overwhelming.  Especially when I got stuck/stalled two-three weeks ago.  Plus, I'm not getting a whole lot of usefullness out of two of the groups I'm in.  I'm seriously thinking about dropping a few groups.  I'll stick it out another month, to 2 months, see if it gets better.

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