Monday, July 18, 2011

My heroic writer's group

It isn't very often mild-mannered writers are labeled heroic.  Today, my entire group earned that label.  One of the members, I'll call him Ted has been absent from meetings since last week.  He's usually very quick to respond and let people know when he's going to be late etc.

So one of other members, I'll call her Lisa started e-mailing and calling him after he missed meeting.  Two others joined in.  One member even offered to drive down to the area he lives in to do a street by street search.  Today (5 days later) after not receiving a response, Lisa started to get very worried.  She tracked down his address with the help of the others in our group and white pages.  Then she called the police to go check on him.

The police entered Ted's home and found him in and out of consciousness.  They took him to the hospital ER.  Two of the members of my group then went down to the hospital to be with him.  Two others tracked down his cousin on facebook, and then figured out his cousin's number on Lexis then cold called (Ted is from out-of-state).  From there, they tracked down Ted's parent's number and got in touch to let Ted's parents know what was going on.

So Ted is in intensive care.  My thoughts and prayers are with him.  But I am also in amazement at how this group of people possibly saved someone's life today.


  1. thats awesome. see there are still good people in the world :) hope ted get better soon.

  2. Kudos to those people. They have restored my faith in mankind. Here's to a quick recovery!

  3. "Ted" is out of ICU and is stable. Ted's mom called the guy who cold-called the cousin and told him the writer's group probably saved Ted's life.

    Cat Lady