Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Quit A Writer's Group

Well, I quit a group.  So I'm down from five to four groups.  It was the right decision I think.  They only met once a month and we only did ten pages.  We didn't read them before hand, we read them and critiqued them on the spot. 

At the rate they were going, it would have taken me two years to get through a rough draft.  And I wasn't finding the notes very helpful.  How helpful can you be if you have to provide criticism on the spot? 

So I think I want to cut two more groups and find one more critique partner. 

The 30 pages a week in critiquing is so much work, just so you can get 15 pages of your own work critiqued once a month.  I have a feeling that one is next.  Although, again, they are such nice people that you hate to do it.

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