Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Trails Catering

I discovered this little place quite by accident.  I was walking by and noticed they had a little lunch counter and decided to try it.  I went yesterday at around 1pm.  First piece of advice, go right at noon.  They were sold out of everything except sandwiches by the time I went.

Second piece of advice - order lemonade or iced tea.  They have unlimited re-fills.  I of course ordered a diet coke, which was a mistake, because they handed me a can (warm) and a cup with a few pieces of ice which melted too quickly. 

I had a roast beef sandwich + diet coke = $11.50.  Not a bargain.  I was going to sit at the counter and watch the traffic but I noticed everybody else was going out the door.  I picked up my stuff and followed them down this side alley.

I wondered where this was leading but it was pretty.
I'm glad I did because they had this beautiful secret garden.  So I sat and ate my sandwich and diet coke and was very happy.  Next time though, I'm getting a cookie and some lemonade!

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