Monday, June 6, 2011

Richelle Mead's Blog

Another of the blogs I follow is Richelle Mead's.  She writes and just finished the Vampire Academy Series.  There are six books in the series, and the last one "Last Sacrifice" came out in December 2010.  She's starting a spin off series - the first one is called "Bloodlines" which comes out this summer.  Again, not keeping track.    I got hooked on Vampire Academy.  Turns out she has two adult series as well, The "Georgia Kinkaid (Succubus Blues series)" and the "Storm Born" series.  I tried reading both and they are just too 'adult' for me.

I admire that she is so prolific, and that the quality of writing (at least for the Vampire Academy) stuff doesn't suffer, AND she's still able to post on her blog, facebook, twitter quite often.  Very funny posts about her neighbors (KGB maybe?) and her encounters with fans, and Tim Gunn.  Check out her blog "Even Redheads Get The Blues"

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