Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty Bambi Blog

Here is another Daily Photo Blog I follow.  I didn't put it on the list because she doesn't post every day.  I believe the blogger lives in Nara Japan which is close to Kyoto (the first capital of Japan)

Anyway, they have this deer park.  Deers used to be sacred so nobody was allowed to hunt, or kill deers in the area.  In fact if one ended up dead of natural causes in front of your house, you'd hurriedly move it to your neighbor's house for fear of punishment.  This is where the term "Pass the Buck" came from  (at least that is what the tour guide told us).

The photo I took is here.  The deer just come right up to you.  You can buy deer pellets and feed them.  They swarm around you so it is kind of scary.  Anyway, the photos at the attached link are much better.

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