Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pasadena Daily Photo Blog & Shinjuku Daily Photo Blog

The Pasadena Daily Photo Blog is the whole reason why this blog exists.  I had been toying with the idea of an online scrapbook/diary because I had nothing better to do...

Anyway, the Alameda Writer's Group (which is in trouble, BTW), monthly meeting was by Petrea Burchard, a very popular blogger and one of the "Daily Photo" blogspot group.  She came and spoke and explained how to do it in a non-technical, very understandable way.  She gave us tips (don't write a whole novel on your blog).   I went home and in two hours, I had a functioning blog! 

I love waking up each morning and seeing what she's posted.  There are a ton of Daily Photo blogs.  On certain days of the month they have a common theme.  Like "Bridges" or "Sunsets" and the like.  Through the Pasadena Daily Photo blog, I've found one more I like to check out the Shinjuku Daily Photo.  This one is in Japan.  I've actually been to Shinjuku more than a few times and it epitomizes Tokyo for me. 

So on days when I don't have stuff to say, I started posting photos.  I  have one of those point-and-shoot idiot-proof cameras and let's face it, my photography skill level is on par with my camera.  But maybe one of these days I'll accidentally snap a good photo!

Check out the Pasadena Daily Photo and Shinjuku Daily Photo blogs on my blog roll (bottom right)

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