Thursday, June 9, 2011

no still not the anniversary blog

First off, apologies. I have definitely over-extended myself these last two days. It's just that everything conspired to happen at once.

Yesterday, I went to tour coffee making place. Very interesting. I kinda felt like I was on one of those Huell Howser adventures. I took some surprisingly good photos so you will see those soon.

Then last night, I tried the new writer's group. The one where you had to audition to get in. Boy they are hard core! You have to turn in your pages by midnight on Sunday. Everbody critiques them by Wednesday and we spend an hour on each submission (2 per week) and they meet every week. But here is my problem, again, nobody writing YA Fiction. But I went, critiqyed, etc. etc. The leader has an advanced degree in writing and it is definitely the most advanced group I've attended.

Anyway, got done at 10p then I had to feed the sister's cats. So by the tome I got home, it was 11p. I was i bed by midnight.

Five hours later, I had to get up and get on a plane to SF to ride boards. No, I didn't get to see Todd. He won GM of the year!!! So he was in Phoenix accepting the award.

Then we had to do the walkthru of BART. Then my plane coming back was delayed. So I was late to the children/teen writers group. They are nice and they gave me some good feedback but they are telling me opposite things from the other IHOP group. Hmm.

Anyway, then I had to go feed cats. It is 10pm again and the sis's cats are mad. They left me a "present" at the front door. I finally get home and my cats are also mad. Four cats mad at me. That must be a record.

So the icing on the cake is that the originsl writing goup which i thought was dead and made me go in search of other groups is NOT dead. oy.

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