Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Weekend

I've been very "stalled" when it comes to writing.  So thanks to a kind suggestion from Critique Partner #1,  I got myself a creative coach!  Well, kind of.  They have this training program for creative coaching and the students need to practice on somebody, right? 

Anyway, after chatting and my telling  coach a little bit about the problem she said that all writing was not to be done this weekend.  Instead, I was to go see the movies I was wanting to see and watching the DVD's I've got stacked up, and basically, going out and doing the things I've been putting off so that I could stare at the blank computer screen for hours on end.

So this is what I did:
a) Dentist appointment (previously scheduled)
b) walked around Little Tokyo for the first time in 6 months
c) went to chalk art fest
d) went to classic cars fest (it was next to the chalk art fest so I went)
e) watched "Roman Holiday"

I think the break did me some good.  At least I have tons of photos to post...

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