Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revising again

This weekend I went through the notes that the various partners gave me and attempted to make the changes.  The notes I got from #2 (every other word) were actually easier to make that those from CP #1.

The notes from #2 were mainly word choices: adverbs used incorrectly, vernacular choices, grammar.  And there were a bunch of comments that were just, well, comments.  I fixed what I agreed with (which wasn't much).

CP#1's  comments were much more insightful, and required a lot more thinking to fix.  And since I fixed the first 50, I'll need to go through the rest of the 250 pages and fix those too.

So, it seems I am doomed to revision land again.  Each time I do it, the story changes significantly.  It is probably time to just put this away, start something new.  But since I've invested so much time in this already, I figure it would be a shame to just throw it out... 

And now my mystery writing person has turned in her pages so I must get back to serial killer territory.

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