Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Roll: Amanda Hocking

New feature since I can't seem to come up with something to talk about everyday (resorting to photos).  I figured I give you a bunch of links to blogs I read and like.  They are hopefully appearing on the bottom right side.  They fall into two categories:  a) writing b) daily photos.

I wondered if I had to ask permission before I linked to them, but these guys get thousands of hits each day so there is no way they are going to answer.  I figure if they're upset about it, they'd let me know, and I'd take it down.  I also looked online and so long as I'm not stealing their content but sending you to their sites, it should be fine.

Anywhoo, I figured I'd talk about each one for a few days (gives me something to write about).

Amanda Hocking's Blog

Who?  You ask?  This is the gal who turned the publishing world on it's ear.   She has three titles in the top ten Kindle sales.
I first heard about her when I got my Kindle last year.  I went to the Kindle store, looking for something to download and read.  Noticed there were these series of vampire books, all in the best-seller list.  And the first book was only 99 cents.  What the heck, let's try it.

Well, the title was called "My Blood Approves" and it was very addictive.  I ended up buying all three books in the series as well as the short novella. 

Curious, I went to her blog to find out she's 27.  Yes twenty-frickin'-seven.  And she just became a millionaire from the eight books she self-published on Amazon.  Good for her.  She's got this whole story of how she did it, but I'll send you to her blog instead of re-telling the story in my non-compelling rehash.

I like reading her blog.  She has a thing for Christian Bale.  She's wise beyond her years. 

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