Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adventures in finding writing partners part two

I feel like Goldilocks from that fairy tale --  this bed is too hard.  This bed is too soft, etc... I told you how I have a core crtique group but they don't write YA. So, I decided to look for a someone or two who likes to read and write this genre.

Partner trial #1
I found this person on Maggie Stiefvater's partner connection site. She sounded lovely, and we agreed to swap pages. Her story was delightful, easy to read, funny. I did a critique, sent it to her, and received one back. Her points were valid, and very thoughtful. I thought we were a good match.

She responded!  I think I have a critique partner!

Partner trial #2
I found this person on SCBWI connection site. SCBWI is short for society of childrens book writers and illustrators. She wanted to send me her entire novel ( first clue ). She wanted me to sign a non-disclosure ( second clue ). I said, why don't we just exchange a few pages and see if we are sympatico. we agreed, etc etc. I sent off my critque-- didn't really have very much to say, not much wrong with what I read. I did make a few suggestions.

I got back every other word on my submission marked off for something. Some of it I thought was just mean. Plus I got back comments as to why she disagreed with my comments. This person really didn't want feedback, she just wanted me to say how wonderful she was.

So, I did. Told her I was not in her league (which she agreed with).
So this was me saying no.

Partner trial #3 and #4
This person I also found off of that SCBWI connection group. She seemed really nice. Told me she knew another lady and did I want to do a three person group? Of couse I did. After a few days of back and forth, the second lady sends her pages. I don't look at them right away because I'm busy working on critiques for #1 and #2 above.

Then the first lady emails the other two and says she has to quit because she didn't like the subject matter that lady #2 sent?! "Hey! Wait a minute!" I said. I haven't even sent anything and I'm already being rejected?

Never heard back from her. That was rejection #3. I'm not upset over rhis one. It didn't have anything to do with me except that she reached out to me, and I turned other potential partners away to join her group...

Anyway, so then I had all this free time on my hands so I looked at what the second lady sent. I promised not to talk about the stuff without the lady's permission so all I will say is that the first lady's objections were valid. I emailed the second lady, though, asking if she had something less, hmmm..., what's the word? Real?  Did she have anything less "real" that she wanted to be reviewed.  Never heard back.

So that would be rejection #4...

This is definitely harder than I thought it would be...

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