Friday, April 8, 2011

The Trouble with Kindle

I love my Kindle. Although I have been neglecting it lately due to shiny new toy called ipad, and the discovery of HD hidden object games (don't start, they are addicting).

Anyway, I've talked before on how much I like my Kindle, so I don't need to repeat myself. I have found a disadvantage though... I'm planning on going to a bookfair on Saturday to see some of my favorite authors. They will be signing and I just realized I have nothing for them to sign anymore because I bought all their books on Kindle.

So tomorrow, I will have to find a bookstore (my Borders closed. I've covered that as well -- boy I'm pretty boring, I'm realizing) and buy the actual printed version of books that I want signed.

So that is one negative to having a Kindle.

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