Friday, April 15, 2011

Pappa Rich: The Father Of All Buns

I've talked frequently about Beard Papa's the cream puff place.  Now sister turned me on to this other place called Pappa Rich:  The Father of all Buns.

First time I heard the name, I laughed.  Sounds kind of dirty -- The Father Of All Buns? lol.

And the Asian Chef doll outside? Kinda creepy in a Stephen King sort of way.

But I powered quickly past the doll and went inside.

They have four flavors of buns.  The original, cheese, chocolate and I forget the last one.  I tried an original, which is Mocha and Maple flavor.  They heat them for like 15 seconds which is perfect.

The mocha and coffee flavor is baked into the bun, so it isn't too sweet.  And the inside is hollow, there is a big slab of butter-like filling coating the inside of the bun.  But again, not too greasy so as to be gross.  Just the right touch.  It was yummy. 

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