Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nathan Fillion

Last week, I think, Nathan Fillion was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  I've been a fan since "Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza Place".  Okay I'm dating myself...

Before his success in the TV Show "Castle", he had this little show on FOX for about 11 episodes called "Firefly" by Josh Whedon.  I think I was one of five people who watched it. (thus the eleven episodes only).

But I remember him also doing one of those sci-fi anthology episodes as well.

So fast forward to several years later and I'm sitting in the massive Hall H of ComiCon.  Waiting for one of the studios to do their massive presentation.  (if you leave the hall, you lose your seat and have to line up again to get back in.  So you just don't leave.  You get in at around 10a and you sit there all day)

And while I'm waiting I endure numerous presentations.  One of which is for some film called "Serenity".  The cast comes on and it is the crew from "Firefly."  The studio brought everyone.  And Captain Mal is Nathan Fillion.  What is evident immediately is the guy's charisma and wit.  He is definitely the one in charge, the one taking all the questions and the guy with the funniest answers.

I don't remember much else about that particular ComiCon except for that "Serenity" panel.  We go home with Serenity posters, soundtracks, and when the movie opens, we're there opening weekend.

The movie doesn't break any records, but it was still a nice continuation of the firefly fable.  I'm now a total fan of Nathan Fillion and I enjoy his appearances in "Waitress", endure him in "Drive" and feel bad for him in "Desperate Housewives" (because he doesn't have much of a part), and sorry, couldn't go see "Slither" even though he was in it.

But now he's in "Castle" and it seems to be doing well.  I'm glad because I feel vindicated that I liked him back in the day when he was a firefighter on 2 guys...

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