Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The danger of the internet

I've been following trends in self publishing since I might end up there.  Anyway, I follow this guy Nathan Bransford.  He used to be a literary agent and now he has this great blog.  He had a great article yesterday.

The story is this:  A self-published author sent her e-book to a reviewer BigAl.  Big Al gave the book a favorable review but commented about the poor editing (lots of typos, etc).  And the authoress got mad and posted her rants and profanities on Big Al's website. 

But then, the followers of Big Al got mad and started making fun of her on her Amazon listing, Giving fake 5 star ratings and but also totally trashing her as well.

Oy.  I agree with Amanda Hocking who says no matter how bad the review is, always say "thank you" and I appreciate and respect your opinion.

Anyway, here are the links.  Enjoy.

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