Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Fair

Today I went to a book fair.  It was part of the "Romantic Times" Convention.  But that isn't why went.  I went because I wanted to meet three YA (young adult) novelists.  The Romantic Times people were having a YA section for the first time.

Here is part of the book bag I got for the $5 admission.  Red bag of course, with different book covers on the other side.  When did all the covers feature naked men and women?  Like I'll be taking this to the market soon... NOT.

There was some confusion as to how to get in.  But once we figured it out, It was really conveniently set up.  There were like 300 different authors there but all the YA authors were put together in the same two rows.  So the three people I wanted to see were pretty much all next to each other!

They also had stacks of their books for sale.  So easy - just pick one up, get it signed, and pay for it on your way out.  Of course, you're allowed to bring your own from home.  I bought my second copy of Vampire Academy yesterday because my first copy was a kindle e-book so I couldn't really get that signed.

 Here is my signed copy!  Of course, I said how much I liked the series and she told me about the new series she is starting in August. You know I'll buy it when it comes out.  This author had the second longest line for signings.

This author had the longest line of everyone at the convention.  I had blogged about her new release just a few days ago (the pretty covers).  Anyway, she asked me if I was Team Jace or Team Simon (ala Team Edward/Jacob).  I think I gave the right answer - I said Team Clary (ala Team Bella). 

I'm glad I bought the book there.  The actual printed book has an extra letter (from Jace to Clary) in it.  She also was giving away these weird little postcards.  I didn't know exactly what they were until I turned them over.  They were written on from some of the other characters to each other.  Fun.  I need to read the book to figure it out.

Next I headed over to Rachel Caine's table.  She writes about vampires as well.  The Morganville Vampires.  She had a decent line for her signings, but nothing like Richelle or Cassandra.  She is on book 8 of a planned 12 book series.  I bought one of her books too...

Okay, so I finished getting the signatures I wanted so we roam around and sister buys some book I never heard of "Tiger's Curse" by Colleen Houck.  There is no line.  It is kind of like being at Prom and not being asked to dance. 

I wander over to another table with limited traffic.  I buy a book because I think the cover is cute.  The author seems really nice.  It is called "How To Hook A Hottie".  Ha ha.  sense of humor. She signs it for me.  It says "Hope you reel in your hottie". 

Fifty bucks later, I'm home and tired and pull out one of the books to read.  Guess which one I start?  The one about the hottie, of course!

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