Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stories from Japan 2

The gentleman on the right is my Uncle Hachiro.  He is the youngest of my Dad's 7 brother's and 2 sisters.  He lives in Chiba, near the Narita Airport.  We were worried about him because he hadn't been in touch with any of the other brothers. 

Turns out his power and water were out but he is okay.  Part of his roof fell in or something.  My sister is having a heck of a time trying to translate his e-mail on google translator.  But they have no water as of yesterday.

Dad was the second oldest in the family Uncle Hachiro told us a story of how when they were kids Dad got stuck baby-sitting Uncle.  Dad used to strap Uncle on his back then go out and play baseball or something.  Uncle Hachiro would sometimes pee on my Dad! ha ha.  Funny!  Nowdays he is a retired High school biology teacher and his son is also a teacher.

Another WWII story - Grandfather was a farmer so during the war, his kids were the only ones at school to have white rice and fruits in their lunch boxes.  His farm was right in the middle of Saitama.  Years later, that land became very valuable.  I think there is a bridge, an apartment complex, and some other things named after the family these days...

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