Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

1. taxes are done. Well for the most part. The hard part anyways. The part where I frantically search for forms I carefully put aside so I wouldn't lose them. Too bad I forgot where I set them aside. I do this every single year too.

2. book is done. Well for the most part. Two different critique groups. Two totally opposite feedback. What to do? one group says "trim!". The other group says "need more!". Both have valid reasons.

3. got some free coupons for starbucks. This is what happened. I stopped by a local starbucks on the way to work because I was T-ed off that I always have to make the coffee for the office because a) I'm always the first or second one there. b) I'm a girl and none of the men seem to want to know how to make it. c) the other girls conveniently seem to forget to do it.

But I digress. I order my $4.15 grande soy latte and give the cashier $5.00 bill. The cashier takes forever to give me my change. How hard is it to figure out three quarters and a dime? But no, the cashier counts coins over and over. finally ten minutes later, she hands me a fistful of pennies!!!! no way! she could have asked me for 15 cents and given me a dollar back..

Fine. I take the pennies and my latte and go to work. Later because I don't have anything better to do (ha!). I count the pennies. Guess what? Not only did she give me pennies, she shorted me twenty cents. Now I'm really mad, so I fire off a scathing e-mail to starbucks.
And then I go make coffee for the office because everybody else is braindead when it comes to working the fancy coffee-maker.

Two weeks later, guess what? I get an apology from Starbucks and some coupons for free coffee. Too bad I never want to go back to the local one.

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