Monday, March 14, 2011

Kamakura & Guam

My Aunt on my mother's side lives in Kamakura.  Kamakura is known mainly for their Giant Buddha, or Daibutsu.  My Aunt's phone was working because she has one of those old fashioned ones that you actually dial and that does not require electricity.

This is why I am not giving up my landline and have one phone still that does not require electricity. 

Anyway, she has no power and said the earthquake was scary but she is okay.

Not having power is something I know very well.  When I lived on Guam, the power company was run by the government and it used to go out every few weeks.  Guam is swelteringly humid so we needed power mainly to run the AC all day everyday.  You fill your gas tanks before if you can because the pumps are electric. You eat all the frozen items asap as they go bad.  I remember getting sick off of mocha ice cream one time and to this day, I can't stand coffee flavored ice cream.  Then you huddle together in the dark because the flashlights and candles make the oppressive heat unbearable.  You try not to think of the things creeping and crawling around in the dark, probably right next to you. 

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