Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I didn't realize how much I depend on the good ole electricity until tonight. 

I was down to a 15% charge so I had to plug it in.   But no problem, I wanted to finish that novel I was reading on my Kindle.  I dug it out.  Oh oh,

Only a few drops left on the battery indicator.
Had to plug this bad boy in too.

Fine, I needed to call sister anyway. 


No freaking way.  Cell phone is beyond dead.  I now have three devices charging at this point.
What the hell, I need to take some photos of the cats. They have just had their 11th birthday.  What is that in cat years?  Like 75 or something?  They're old.

But lo, and behold, camera battery is dead too?  

Oy, am I sitting near some kind of Magneto that drains power from other electrical devices?   I have no choice.  I go old school.  I open my non-electric, printed-on-paper hardback book!

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