Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Habits

I have this habit of using the following words a lot, mucho, many times:

nodded: as in he nodded, she nodded, they nodded

gasped: which is basically the reaction almost everybody has to any surprise

smiled: I have a lot of happy characters in my stories.  See, I'm grinning now : )

Microsoft word has a terrific "find" function which I used this weekend because teacher pointed out how many times I used the word "gasp".

Gasp - usage?  32 times in 309 pages.  I cut it down to 9.

Nod - usage?  64 times in same number of pages.  I think I'm down to 12

smiled - usage?  in the 50's.  I changed half to grin, deleted out a ton.  My people aren't so happy any more... : (

Do you know, I didn't even realize I did this? 

Anyway, SC asked where Kamakura was.  It is south of Tokyo.  About an hour away by train.

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