Saturday, January 15, 2011


So at 1:15 or so this morning, I finished my story/book/novel and sent it off.  That is why I haven't been posting.  Trying to keep my resolution (see previous post).

Do you remember that scene from "Romancing the Stone" in the very beginning, where Kathleen Turner's character, a romance novelist, finishes her latest novel?  She is so moved by the ending she starts crying, and then searches her apartment for a tissue, toilet paper, paper towel, post-it note, anything to wipe her nose with?

Well, that is me too, when it comes to housekeeping.  Kinda fell to the wayside these last few weeks... months. 

There is this thing growing in my fridge.  I think it used to be an apple at some point.  Anyway, I strapped on some rubber gloves, and tackled it today.  It was glued to the vegetable drawer of the fridge.  It was green and grey and soft and squishy.  Eww!!!  But it is gone now. 

I'm off to buy toilet paper and tissue...

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