Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas

I was invited by sister's husband's family to spend Christmas in Napa.  Apparently they have a TWELVE bedroom place there.  Unfortunately, they were spending four days up there and I only had three days off.  Plus, I had just taken my Mexico (again) vacation first week in December after only having worked a month.  So I had to pass.

I didn't really tell anyone because I don't like folks to feel obligated with the pity invites I get from people who feel sorry for me.  I think the Napa invite fell into that category, but well, it was TWELVE bedrooms and with that much space, it would have kinda felt like being alone anyway.

Instead, I got stuck with feeding the sister's cats.  I'm not sure they even exist.  They aren't the friendliest of creatures.  They don't come out and rub against your leg when you visit or anything.  The only evidence of their existence is that their food bowl is empty everytime I go over to refill it.

I figure they must look like this

So I didn't really mind spending Christmas alone.  Santa got me a freaking ipad so I spent the morning fiddling with it, loading it up with Twilight wallpapers, and sorting through the multitude of apps.

But lunchtime comes along, and I don't cook so I decide to go to Chinese food restaurant.  My dad used to always get Chinese on Christmas day, and well, I guess I am my father's daughter!
I go to restaurant X and it is full!  I have decided beforehand exactly what I want to eat.  Roast Duck and this cold boneless chicken with garlic sauce that I love.  For dessert I want the mango covered in mochi and coconut.  While not traditional, it is yummy!

I order and my mouth waters in anticipation.  I watch as the dishes come out, everything looks so good!  I can't wait.
But then the waitress comes out and tells me they have run out of roast duck.  What?  Out of roast duck?!  How can any self-respecting Chinese restaurant not stock enough roast duck on Christmas?!!!

Sadly, they substitute roast pork instead.  Good thing I wasn't celebrating Hannukah...

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