Monday, December 20, 2010

Mexico Trip Day Four - Merida hotel and dinner

The main hallway - notice the welcome cart!

 We arrived in Merida after spending time at Chichen Itza.  We stayed at a place called "Luz en Yucatan".  I think it means 'The Light in Yucatan'.  It was a very cute little hotel. Nice Hacienda feel. Got really high marks on Trip Advisor.  The owner is an ex-pat Tom Williams who was full of good tips and advice. 

The terrace of my room - nice hammock!

The pool and courtyard

The Christmas Tree In The Lobby
 We arrived in time for dinner.  This is where my brother-in-law wanted to try all these things he saw Rick Bayless (famous chef) either make or talk about on one of the cooking channels.

We went to this place called "Chaya Maya" where the menu was 90% shark or turkey.  I had just gotten over being sick over Thanksgiving turkey so I was the ugly American and I went for the chicken.

Brother-in-law went for Queso Relleno which was this soupy/stew substance with huge hunks of cheese on top.   It didn't really look that appetizing (thus no picture).

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