Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mexico Trip Day 6 continued - Uxmal

After lunch at the Hacienda we got back in the Jetta and drove to Uxmal.  Uxmal (pronounced Ush-Mahl) is another ancient Mayan ruins.  We got seriously lost and this was the only time I actually felt concerned for my safety as we saw a man come out of the jungle on his bicycle with a rifle around his neck!  I told brother-in-law to speed up, even though we were on some one lane road filled with potholes.

So unfortunately, we arrived at Uxmal with only one hour before sunset and park closing.  And due to the setting sun, my pictures didn't turn out so great.  This  is the main pyramid.  Massive...  Unlike Chichen Itza, you can actually climb the pyramids.  I took this photo from the top of another structure.

The grounds are quite extensive.  Again, because of the time limit, only saw/climbed a few of the structures.

Going up was easier than coming down.  Coming down was a bit scary because the steps are narrow and very steep. 

The trick is to not look down and step sideways.

Feeling cheated at missing out, we discovered there was a night show!  So we spent an hour at this restaurant, the Lodge at Uxmal.  We discovered that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip stayed at the Hacienda  there in 1975 to visit Uxmal.  The favorite of Queen Elizabeth was a Sour Orange and Honey pie.  I didn't try it as I was still really full from lunch.

We went back for the light show which was held at the ball court.  And basically, it was various structures lit up in different colors.  The buildings were talking to each other, but we ugly Americans couldn't really understand what was being said, so after about twenty minutes, we left.

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