Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mexico Trip Day 6 continued - Hacienda

So one bale of sisal fiber takes 3000 of those cactus leaves to produce and is worth $200 US dollars.    (That is our guide Jorje on the left).

Obviously, the Hacienda does not make the bulk of their operating costs from the sisal but rather from the tourists. 

On the day we were there, there was a film crew from Dallas making a documentary.

So next we got a ride on a burro.  The cart travels on a rail so the burro didn't have it that bad.  We travel around the vast property.

There is an underground well/watering hole a "cenote"   We spend 45 minutes swimming.
The water is so clear you can see straight to the bottom.  Photo did not come out so good.


I forget, is this a stalagtite or stalagmite?  Again, the water is so clear, you can't even see it.

After the swimming, we get back on the cart and the tour ends right in front of the restaurant! 

Lunch was yummy.  I can't remember what I ate but they served these appetizer things called 'panucho' partially fried tortilla, puffed and split and filled with beans on the bottom, meat and other stuff on top.  yum-o as RR would say.

After lunch, we rolled ourselves out to to cherry-red jetta to make our way to Uxmal.

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