Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mexico Trip Day 5 Continued - Merida

After our bus tour it was time for lunch.  We went to this restaurant called Amaro.  I looked at the menu and saw the house specialty was something called an "Avocado Pizza".  What's that? I wondered.  So I ordered it.

Turns out it was just a pizza crust with guacamole spread over it and then some salsa and cheese.  It was "okay", not great.

Next we went to an art museum to see an exhibit by Ruffino Tamayo.  My uncles from Japan flew all the way to Merida to see the exhibit (my one uncle is an artist himself). 

I was unfortunately, confusing Tamayo with Botero so I thought I was going to see paintings of fat people, when instead, we got watermelons! Oh well, it was interesting, nonethe less.

We took at break then went to dinner at this place called La Casa De Frida's (for Frida Kahlo).  They had most excellent food and nothing too weird.  They also had the cutest bunny that hopped around greeting all the customers.

I believe I started off dinner with a margarita or two because I can't remember what I ate and I forgot to take pictures.  These photos are from their website.  Maybe the bunny was a figment of my imagination?

We finished off the evening attending a cultural event that was taking place in the plaza right next to our hotel.  A very nice musical, singing, dancing performance. 

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