Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Two Continued - Akumal

In Cancun, there are all these Eco-parks where you can enjoy nature.  Alot of them start with the letter "X"  Xcaret, XelHa, XPlor, XpuHa.  My sister tells me they are all owned by the "Richest Man In Mexico".  Not sure how true that is but whatever. 

Anyway, we went to one that does not start with an X.  Akumal.  They have good snorkeling.
They had this interesting statue of Gonzalo Guerrero, a sailor from Spain who got shipwrecked on this beach in 1511.  He married a Mayan princess and they became the first Euro-American couple.  Okay, so why does the guy get to stand?  The wife is in the back, sitting down. lol...

Anyway, here is another picture of a beach.  There are lots and lots of turtles in the water.  Everybody who went in (I didn't) saw at least one.  Turtles are lucky in the Japanese culture.

We ate dinner at a palapas restaurant on the shore and then had late night drinks (below) at the hotel.

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