Monday, December 13, 2010

Day One Mexico Trip

The first day was spent in transit. 
  • We left the house at 8:30 am, parked at the Hilton
  • Waited for the airport shuttle
  • Waited in line to check luggage
  • Waited in line to send luggage through the x-ray
  • Waited in line to go through security
  • Waited at the gate to board the plane,
  • Spent 2.5 hours in flight
  • Landed in Dallas
  • Waited at the gate for the connecting flight
  • Spent another 3.5 hours to get to Cancun
  • Waited in line to go through customs and immigration
  • Waited for luggage
  • Waited for the Rental Car pick-up
  • Drove to the hotel
  • Checked in
  • Drove around looking for a place to eat for dinner
It took like 10 hours.  No wonder we ended up here for dinner:

"La Distilleria"  The Distillery.  We had mojitos and boy were they strong.  The room was spinning before I even drank half my mojito.

They served these bread things that were warm and had this amazing cheese baked right into the middle.  They were so-o-o-o-o delicious, and I don't believe it was just the alcohol talking...

Here is my mojito and my travel companions.

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