Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Vampire series I'm reading

In honor of Halloween I've been reading two YA vampire series.  The first one is called "My Blood Approves" series by Amanda Hocking.  I'd never heard of it before but the first book was $0.99 on Kindle so I figured I'd give it a try.  The writing was kinda sub-par.  The world she created was trite.  Kinda a non-mormon take on the whole "Twilight" thing.  Also, all the characters take an inordinate amount of showers.   But the thing is, it was 99 cents! 

But then I realized why it was 99 cents.  Because the book ends in a really weird place, total cliff-hanger.  So I had to get the next book.  Which was like $1.89.  And then the next, which was like $1.99.  And then, the next which was $2.99.  See what they did?  They lured me in then hooked me so I ended up getting all 4 books. 

I didn't really think these books were all that great.  I'm not recommending.

The second set of books is called "The Vampire Academy" books by Richelle Mead.  There are 5 books in the series (soon to be 6), I'm only halfway through the first one."    This world is much more unique than any of the others I've read.  The story is about a half-human, half vampire girl named Rose and her best friend, a full vampire princess Lissa.  The full-blooded vampires are called Moroi, and they are the elite.  Lissa is part of the royal family so even more elite.  The half bloods are called Dhampirs and they normally serve as guardians to the Moroi.  Rose has a special bond to Lissa (she can enter Lissa's mind) and is training to be Lissa's guardian.

Anyway, again, girls meet boys, adventures ensue (I'm speculating).  This world is much more interesting and unique and well written.  I'm enjoying the first book.  I think I would recommend for ages 14+

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