Monday, October 18, 2010


So every month I have 30 written pages due to my writing group.  This past weekend, I tried to get it done but I kept coming up with excuses. 

7:30 am get up, think about taking a walk
7:45 am stare at ceiling, think about skipping walk
7:50 am too late for walk, hop in shower
8:00 am bleeping remember I have to be at PT at 8:30
8:25 am pull into a parking spot outside PT
8:30 - 9:45 am tortured by physical therapist
10:00 am arrive at Peet's coffee to treat myself to latte
10:30 am home
11:00 am finally get onto the internet (slow computer takes forever to boot up)
11:30 am finished checking MSN, Facebook, Work email.  Treat myself to one hidden object game on big fish games
12:30 pm hunger drives me to search for food
1:30 pm okay just one computer game
2:00 pm Oh yeah, forgot to check the mail
2:30 pm bills, how come I get so many bleeping bills?
3:00 pm I wonder what Maggie Stiefvater is up to? Better check her blog.  Oh yeah, what is up with Twilight?  Better check the website.
4:00 pm Shoot, I better do some work I promised folks I'd do
5:00 pm Hunger drives me in search of food
6:00 pm I better watch some news so I'm not totally clueless
7:00 pm stare at blank page
7:15 pm better feed the cats
7:30 pm better check msn, facebook, work e-mail again
8:00 pm Hmm, wonder what is on tv
8:15 pm stare at blank page
8:30 pm just one computer game
9:30 pm Darn computer game.  Can't seem to win
10:30 pm stare at blank page
11:00 pm dang it, where did the day go?

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