Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to Mt. Fuji

Several Years Ago we went to Japan and took a bus tour to Hakone.  Hakone is where Mt. Fuji is.  We went all the way up the Mt. but due to the fog, This is all of Mt. Fuji that we saw that day.

Next we went to Owakudani where you can get good views of Mt. Fuji, but again, no success for me.  Owakudani is a crater that was created during the last eruption of Mt. Hakone volcano some 3000 years ago.  Much of the area is still an active volcanic zone wtih sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers.

They are famous for their black eggs.  The eggs are cooked in the natural hot springs and the sulfur in the water turns the shells black.  Your life is supposed to be extended by 7 years for each egg you eat!

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