Monday, September 27, 2010


Graceling is another Young Adult book that my sister loaned me.  It is set in a fantasy world but it reminded me of a fairy tale.  Castles and Kings and princes and ladies.  A graceling is someone who has two eyes of different color.  That signifies they have been gifted with a special 'grace'.  In Katsa's case, she has a fighting grace, she is unbeatable.  Her uncle, king Randa sends her out like an enforcer.  People who do wrong by the King get their arms broken or their fingers removed by Katsa.

Anyway, she meets this guy (yeah, it is always about a girl and a guy in these stories) named Po (his actual name is like Greenley Greenbriar, or Greenway or something like that).  He is also a graceling with a fighting grace (or so she thinks).

They have all kinds of adventures and I don't think I'm giving too much away when you know, they fall for each other, etc etc. etc.

Not too original in coming up with a fantastic world, but the story has plot and is well written enough that I had to read it to the end.

PS - you may wonder why I'm reading all these YA books.  I'm not forever stuck in high school.  Okay I am, but my excuse is that I'm trying to write one myself...

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