Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Summer several years ago, we went to the island of Santorini on a day trip.  Santorini is known for their famous blue grotto.  We paid our fare of 13 euro and climbed about our sightseeing boat. 
Unfortunately, due to the rough seas, we weren't able to go into the blue grotto.  Instead, we got the turquois grotto, or whatever this one was called.  Still, a pretty color of water.


On our way, the tour guide pointed out Bill Gates' yacht.  If you can call this thing a yacht.  And of course, it could have been anybody's boat, we would/will never know.  It may have been true though.  I mean, if I were the tour guide, I would have called it Barry Manilow's yacht, or Hugh Jackman's yacht.  Who would have known the difference?  Certainly not anybody taking the 13 euro tour...

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