Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gaja Restaurant

Last weekend went to GaJa restaurant in Torrance.  We went because they specialize in Okonomiyaki.  What is Okonomiyaki?  Some translate it as a Japanese Pancake.  It is not sweet though, it is filled with meats or seafood and other things.  And you have the option of cooking it yourself or having it made for you.
I realized that is why you had to travel all the way down to Torrance to find an Okonomiyaki place.  The liabilities involved with having an open grill at each table... Hey, we live in litigious times. 

We opted to order one cooked in the back and then cook one ourselves. We opted to cook a combo one so there were a lot of steps involved, and in the end, the chef took over.  Here is what it looked like partially done.
This is what it is supposed to look like.  Anyway, in Japan this is like bar food and people spend hours at Okonomiyaki places, drinking, making their pancakes and then drinking some more.  I guess it is easier in Japan because afterwards, you hop on the train or the subway to go home instead of trying to drive home.

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