Sunday, July 4, 2010

Went to see "Eclipse"

Of course I was pre-disposed to love it.  I was so anxious to see it.  For the past two "Twilight" movies, I had a friend who knew somebody who knew somebody who snuck me into an advance screening.  They knew that letting this 'twi-hard' in early would only spread good 'word-of-mouth' for the film so there was no risk.

This time however, I felt bad asking to go early so I stuck it out.  I also am working in a job where I cannot just up and take off for a few hours.  So I had to endure it (ha!) while others told me how great this third installment was.  I had to endure others describing how 'romantic' it was, how action-packed it was. 

The trouble too was that everybody in my office and many of my friends are all into the 'Twilight' phenomenon as much as I am.  While I love that it brings us all together, these last four days have been miserable. 

I finally saw it yesterday and now feel restored as a full-fledged Team Edward member.  Loved it, btw, and now have to endure the wait for "Breaking Dawn."


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