Friday, July 9, 2010

VesuvioLA Truck

As I followed some co-workers out to the Taco Truck row I heard one of them say
"Lunch from a taco truck should not cost more than a sit down meal."  So true! I silently added it should also fill you up, not leave you hungry afterwards.

Anyway, continuing on my Italian theme, today I had lunch at the Vesuvio LA truck.  They were advertising a $3.00 Caprese with bread!  I also added some arancini which are deep fried white rice balls with cheese and meats in the middle also $3.00
I thought caprese was a pasta.  Totally wrong.  It was a spread of cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, basil in olive oil.  Bread was good - buttered, no garlic!

Arancini was really good.  How can anything deep friend NOT be good?
But I do take issue with the guy taking the orders.  I ordered a ca-pree-see.  "You mean the 'ca-pray-say'?  He said. 

"I'm sorry, whatever.  That thing on the board."  I said, pointing to where it said 'caprese'.  So snotty for a taco truck!!!  Plus, who is he to judge me when the cook was obviously asian!

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