Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight On The Brain

Today I walked into an office full of Twi-hards. Did I mention I sit in the interactive department surrounded by co-workers young enough to be my kids?
Anyway, a few of them stood in line last night for the midnight showings of Eclipse. Of course the buzz this morning was everything Twilight. I listened in as they reviewed their experience. More kissing, more action, more for Team Edward, but still plenty for Team Jacob to enjoy.

I am wearing my 'Bella's bracelet', staring at my Eclipse screensaver, have my Forks High School messenger bag tucked under my desk and proudly displaying my Twilight bookmark.
 My office is all Team Edward. One of them dared to ask “Is anybody Team Jacob?” To which I had to repeat something my niece-in-law or niece-once-removed (niece of my sister’s husband) who is in 7th grade said. “Team Edward is so passé. Everybody is Team Jacob now. Team Edward is for old people.”

-- Sunny (Team Edward)

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